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Genealogy Connections

This site not only has my paternal (Hammons and Robbins) lineages, but also my maternal (Blackburn and Couch) connections. The various families can be researched in the Family Section.

House of Plantagenent


Henry II

The House of Plantagenent official begins with King Henry II (1133-1189); however, the coat of arms depitcted to the left actually began with his son, King Richard I (The Lionhearted). My connection to this house goes through three gateway ancestors, (1) Jeremiah Clarke, Sr. (1605-1651), my 9th great grandfather, (2) Thomas Mallory, III (1636-1678), my 9th great grandfather, and (3) Anthony Savage (1623-1695), my 11th great grandfather.

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Fred Jones Family



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