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Ambrose83 Hammon - Immigrant

Ambrose is the 6th and last known child of John75 Hamond, Sr. and Mary82 Allen. Only Ambrose and his sister Marye85 survived childhood. All fo their siblings died within a year or two of their birth, including a set of twins. We don't know the exact date of his birth, but we do know when he was baptized. An entry at St James Parish in Clerkenwell (now in London), England states:  "son of John Ham'ond and Mary baptized 28 Feb 1647." Nothing is known about Ambrose's life in London and our next documentation of him after his baptism is in "Nugent, Nell, Marion. Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1666, Vol. 1, Richmond [Va]: Dietz Printing Co., 1934. 767p. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1983. Page:548." where he is listed among 126 individuals as Ambrose Hamon. The entry date is March 26, 1666. Many list this date as his immigration date, but that would be incorrect. This date reflects the date when land (6,300 acres) was granted to Robert Taliafro and Lawrence Smith (on the "freshes" of the Rappahannock River) for transporting these immigrants to America. Ambrose's arrival could have been weeks, months, or ever a couple of years prior to this date, depending on how long the delay was in granting these men their land.

Ambrose's son, John91 HAMMON, Sr., was born in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia Colony in April of 1685. Unfortunately, there was another John HAMMOND, Sr. who was also born in 1685 in the same area. An earlier researcher thought that these John's must be the same person and comingled the two families. This error has persisted to this day, leading many astray. It wasn't until DNA that it was finally proven that these were two different John's and thus two different families. One of the errors is the comingling of this Ambrose83 HAMMON and Job HAMMOND. You can often see this as Ambrose Job Hammon(d) or Job Ambrose Hammon(d). Ambrose and Job are two different people having completely different DNA haplogroups. Even when people separated these two individuals, many still attached Job’s spouse, Elizabeth King, to Ambrose. There is no documentation yet found that shows who Ambrose’s spouse(s) may be. She should be listed as unknown. Even after separating the two John’s, many people still attach John HAMMOND, Sr.’s spouse to our John91 HAMMON Sr. As with Ambrose, there is no documentary evidence as to who John’s wives may have been. The unexplained gap between John116 HAMMON, Jr. (born: c1736) and Dorothy99 HAMMON (COLIER) (born: c1745) strongly suggests he had two different families.

Ambrose was probably named after his granduncle Ambrose63 HAMOND, who is the son of Robert HAMOND, Jr. and Margaret SHEPPARD.  His granduncle was baptized on August 7, 1597 in Kirby Bedon, Norfolk, England.

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