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Hamond* Ancestors Who Served

The number of Hamond* men and women who served in the military over the centuries are quite numerous! We have evidence of our ancestors serving in the King's military in the early 1600's up to the present. Our largest numbers served in Word War II and the Civil War. Unfortunately, some of our brave men were taken prisoners or even died in battle.

military The picture is of William Preston Hammond, Benjamin Franklin Hammond, and Hezekiah Hammond (with hat), three of the 5 brothers who served in the Civil War. The other two were John Hammond and Jeptha Hammond.

Our ancestors fought for both the Union and the Confederate sides; not unexpected when our families lived in Union and Confederate states.

Here is the current count in chronological order:


Pre-America (1)
French & Indian War (1)
Revolutionary War (5)
War of 1812 (5)
Mexican War (none known)
Civil War (37)
Spanish-American War (2)
Philipino-American War (1)
World War I (13)
World War II (100)
Korean War (26)
Vietnam War (9)
Kuwait/Iraq/Afghanistan (1)
Peace Time Service (6)

TOTAL = 207

There are at least 8 known individuals who have lost their lives during battle, do to their injuries incurred during battle, as a prisoner of war, or while on active duty. See Fallen Soldiers in the table to the right.

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