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To the left are companies who analyze DNA. The best and about only company that analyzes male specific DNA (y-DNA) is Family Tree DNA. They also offer autosomal (ethnicity) DNA testing as well as female DNA (mt-DNA) testing. The others listed do autosomal testing and a few will also include mt-DNA. At last check GEDmatch doesn't test your DNA, but you can upload your results from a test service into their database. The advantage with GEDmatch is they accept most service provider's results, which greatly broadens your potential match pool, that is if others are willing to upload their data to that site and it is something that I would encourage you to do.

A note about 23&Me. 23&Me has greatly changed over the past year or so. They attracted people by being one of the first to offer DNA testing to give you a picture of your ethnicity and to match you with others in their database. They are now focusing more on the medical aspects of DNA instead of matching you with DNA cousins. I have read a lot of complaints about this change of philosophy on some Facebook pages as it appears the price for obtaining matches appears to becoming an additional charge, greatly raising the price. If you are considering 23&Me, do your research. One of the best alternatives is Ancestry.

MyTrueAncestry is another site where you upload your data from one of the testing services. This company compares your DNA with ancient DNA from archaeological dig sites from around the world. While all the other companies are comparing DNA from living individuals, this is currently the only company comparing your DNA with ancient samples.

When selecting a testing service make sure you read independent thought about each company and read from the company site what they offer. Also pay close attention to the charges as most string you along with upgrades which are additional fees. If you are willing to pay a lot to get a lot, then do so at the beginning.


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