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Policies Concerning the Content of this Site

Genealogical Data

There are many Ancestrial Reports on this site. All are free to observe and download. Please understand the following:

  1. Everyone wants to see data backed up by proof (documentation). I try to obtain as much factual data as possible. Sometimes this is not possible. Sometimes all we have to go on is coincidental information. I am in the process of adding a CAUTION tag to all of the individuals in my database where I do not have documentation. This will take some time as currently there are over 34,000 names in the database.
  2. I am certain that there are errors in the database and they could actually be numerous (heaven forbid!). I make no claims to the accuracy of any data that does not have documentation. The further back in time we go, less and less documentation can be found.
  3. Some of these ancestry reports are large (over 1,000 pages). They are made even larger if I attach all of the pertinent resources. In some cases the resources pages have totaled over 200 pages just by themselves! Because of this, I offer two reports each, one without sources and one with.
  4. If you find anything you believe to be in error, please contact me. I want to be as accurate as possible.

Privacy Policy

I always attempt to privatize my files before generating any reports. Sometimes I forget. I apolgize in advance if that happens.

I will unlock the privacy function and generate a report for a select few people. The only way to know who you are is to contact me and we'll discuss why you may qualify!


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