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Our most distant known ancestor (often seen as MDKA) is John Hamond. John is often listed as being born in about 1500. It is uncertain how long this Hamond family lived in the Scarning/Wendling area of Norfolk, England. There are other Hamond individuals found in the area prior to 1500, but it is uncertain if they are related. Somewhere around 1610-1620, several members of the Hamond family moved to Clerkenwell, an area now within the city of London. Our immigrant family lived here for the next few generations until sometime in 1665 or 1666, Ambrose immigrated to America.

According to Virginia Land Grants and Patents (page 548), Ambrose Hammon (1647-1694) was one of 126 individuals brought to America by two men. The land grants were awarded on March 26, 1666. Colonial experts have told me this date is the granting of the land and not the exact date our immigrate came to colonial Virginia. They also stated the exact arrival date and the name of the ship they arrived on was not always recorded. Ambrose settled in what was then Old Rappahannock County, Virginia, a county which in name no longer exists.

John Hammon (1685-Bet. 13 Nov 1758-22 Jan 1759) was born in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia and died in Cumberland County (adjoining southern county with Old Rappahannock). The children of John and his first wife were all born in Caroline County and the children with his 2nd wife were born in Cumberland County. Sometime between the death of James in 1763 and the early 1770's, the brothers moved to what became Surry County, North Carolina. Surry County was formed from Rowan County in 1771. In 1777 Wilkes County was formed from Surry County and what is now Washington County, Tennessee. Some members of the Rev. William Hammon family went back to Virginia and settled in Pittsylvania, Lunenburg, Mechlenburg, Giles, & Russell Counties before moving into Kentucky & Georgia.

Reverend William Hammon Family Migrations


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