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Each Hamond* individual who is connected to this lineage descends from one of the five brothers listed to the left. We have a good amount of information on all of these brothers except John. Clicking on the name to the left will open a page dedicated to that individual, where Family Tree Maker created reports are listed. These reports include the known descendants of each brother and are quite large. Each are saved as a PDF file. These files are privatized, which means that those people living are simply listed as "Living". There will be mistakes, but I just don't know where they are. If you find errors, please contact me so they can be corrected.

I have discovered that opening up these files from this webpage and then searching for individuals does not always work; I have no idea why. Each individual is assigned a number by the program and this number interferes with the seach. You may find "John Hamond" in a search but you will not find "John 1 Hamond", for example. When I saved the file to my computer (I have a MAC) and then opened it, the search ignored the numbers. Something to consider.

My genealogy also includes my paternal grandmother's Robbins family, my maternal grandfather's Blackburn family, and my maternal grandmother's Couch family. Those links are also to the left under Great Grandparents.

Additionally I have begun to add other connections of interest (to me!) under My Other Ancestor Families.


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