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King Henry II

ancestorKing Henry II was born on March 5, 1133 to Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou (France) and Empress Matilda. He was also known as Henry Curtmantle, Henry FitzEmpress, and Henry Plantagenent. He became King of England upon his coronation on December 19, 1154. He was also Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, Count of Anjou, Maine, and Nantes and Lord of Ireland. Maine was a province of France whose capital was at Le Mans. At times he also controlled parts of Wales, Scotland, and Brittany. His reign ended upon his death on July 6, 1189.

The House of Plantagenent and its cadet branches, House of Lancaster and House of York, were in power from 1154 until the death of King Richard III on August 22, 1485 when he died at the Battle on Bosworth Field in Leicestershire, England against Henry Tudor. The victory of Henry Tudor began the reign of the House of Tudor.

I have multiple connections to King Henry II, as many people probably do. The list to the right shows my connection through my gateway ancestor, Anthony Savage. A gateway ancestor is an individual, in this case an immigrant, who you can connected to using accepted genealogical proof standards that in turn has proven connection to a royal house, in this case, the House of Plantagenent.

For my connections through my gateway ancestors Jeremy Clarke, Sr. & Thomas Mallory III, Click Here

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