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Clan Gunn

According to various genetic companies, I am about 25-30% Scottish. After a lot of research I have 62 Scottish clan connections, of which most are direct genealogical connections and a few as a sept. To be a part of a clan I wanted to join the closest proven genetic connection. Currently that is Clan Gunn. I am a direct descendant of George Gunn (Crowner) (b: c1400, d: 1464). Specifically, I descend through his son Robert (aka Robin). His direct descendants used the surnames of Robinson, Robson, Robeson, etc.. I actually have two closer genetic Scottish ties, but I have not been able to connect them back to Scotland. They would be Clan Colson (Coulson), a sept of Clan Donald (MacDonald), through my 2nd great grandmother, Louisa Jane Coulson and Clan Graham through my 3rd great grandmother Elizabeth Graham.

My connection to Clan Gunn begins with my 4th great grandmother Elizabeth Robinson (1800-1840), who married Jesse Coulson (1799-1853), the grandfather of Louisa Jane Coulson (2nd great grandmother)

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