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Myles & Barbara Standish

Myles Standish and Barbara are my 9th great grandparents and Mayflower passengers. There is a minimum of at least 25,000 descendants of Myles and Barbara Standish.

Myles was born in about 1584, probably in Chorley, Lancashire, England. His actual birth date and locations are unknown. He came to America aboard the Mayflower in 1620 as their military advisor. On February 17, 1621, the Plymouth Colony militia elected him as its first commander and continued to re-elect him to that position for the remainder of his life. His first wife, Rose (c1601-1621) died during the first winter, like so many Mayflower passengers. He next marries Barbara (maiden name unknown) by 1624. She was not a Mayflower passenger, but came to America in 1623 aboard the Anne. Myles died on October 3, 1856 in Duxbury of what may have been kidney stones or bladder cancer. He was buried in Duxbury's Old Burial Ground which is now known as Myles Standish Cemetery.

Barbara Standish was probably born in about 1588. Her actual birth year and location are unknown. She died on October 6, 1659 in Duxbury. Her burial place is unknown.

The children of Myles and Barbara Standish:

Thomas (c1612-1693)
Charles (c1624-1627)
Alexander (1625-1702) - My 8th great grandfather
Lora (1627-1655) - twin of John
John (1627-1643) - twin of Lora
Myles II (c1629-1661)
Josiah (c1633-1690)
Charles (c1634-1655)

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