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William Bradford and Alice Carpenter

William Bradford  and Alice Carpenter are my 12th great grandparents. John was a Mayflower passenger while Alice came aboard the Anne. There are an estimated 35 million descendants of William Bradford.

William was born on March 19, 1589 or 1590 in Austerfield, Yorkshire, England. He first married Dorothy May on December 10, 1613 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She fell from the ship in Cape Cod Harbor on December 7, 1620 and drowned. They had one son, John. He next marries Alice Carpenter on August 14, 1623. She was the widow of Edward Southworth. He moved to Leiden in Holland in order to escape persecution from King James I of England, prior to his immigration to the Plymouth Colony. He was a signatory to the Mayflower Compact and went on to serve as Governor of the Plymouth Colony intermittently for about 30 years between 1621 and 1657. His journal Of Plymouth Plantation covered the years from 1620 to 1646 in Plymouth. He died May 9, 1657 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony and was buried on Burial Hill. The exact location of his burial is not known, but a cenotaph exists in the cemetery.

Alice Carpenter (Southworth) was born on August 30, 1590 in Wrington, Somerset, England and died March 26, 1670 in Plymouth Colony. She was buried on Burial Hill in Plymouth near her husband's cenotaph. She brought two sons into the marriage, Constant Southworth and Thomas Southworth.

William Bradford and Dorothy May had the following children:

John (c1618-1679)

William Bradford and Alice Carpenter had the following children:

William Bradford II (1624-1704) - My 11th great grandfather
Mercy ((1627-1657)
Joseph (c1630-1715)

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