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My ancestors accused of witchcraft:

Captain John Alden II (1626-1702): Survivor of the Salem Witch Trials. He is the son of John and Priscilla Alden. He was an American soldier, politician, merchant, and sailor. He is my 8th great grand uncle.

Andrew Sanford I (1617-1684) & Mary (maiden name unknown) (1623-1662): Both were tried for witchcraft. Andrew was accused on June 6, 1662 in Connecticut, but not indicted because there was a “hung” jury (it wasn’t unanimous that he was guilty). Mary was indicted and hung on January 13, 1662. They are my 11th great grandparents.

John Carrington (1602-1651) & Joanna Balchin (1618-1651): Both were hung for witchcraft in 1651 in Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut. They were accused on February 20, 1651 and both were found guilty on March 6, 1651. They were the 2nd known executions for witchcraft in New England. They are my 11th great grandparents.

Kathryn Garner (maiden name unknown) (1613-1635): She is called a “Welshwoman”. She was accused of witchcraft and was given a trial by water in Canterbury, Kent, England. If she didn’t drown she would be guilty of witchcraft. If she drowned then she was innocent. She drowned and was therefore innocent. The Crown paid for her Christian burial for her wrongful death. Afterwards her husband, Richard Garner left for America with his 2 year-old son John. She is my 10th great grandmother. It must be noted that there has never been found any official documentation of this event. There is however, documentation that she, her husband, and her son existed.

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