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John's will tells us it was written on November 11, 1542 and that he died in 1546. Other documents state he was buried November 1, 1546. If the soil was not frozen, then he was probably buried the same day he died or within a day or so. We assume he died in Scarning (spelled "Skerning" in the will) because his will states he is "of Skerning". What we know of John1 comes exclusively from his will. An understanding of the times reveals that John1 was a man of means. In the will he is called a yeoman. The term yeoman has changed over time, but in 16th Century England it indicated a farmer who "owned" land in some capacity. The highest level of ownership was freehold, which is outright ownership with no time limit. The other is called leasehold ownership where the individual has "ownership" of the land for a specific number of years. Translation of John's will points toward a leasehold ownership arrangement. The Garter Principal King of Arms states that a yeoman would not normalluy have less than 100 acres.

John's wife, Katherine2, is lised in his will and she is co-executor along with their son, Robert3. She is assumed to have been born between 1495 & 1505. Like john, her birth information is unknown and she is assumed to have been born in Scarning. No information has been found concerning her death and is typically shown as "aft. 1546". Documentation of their marriage has not been found and therefore her maiden name is also unknown.

Facts concerning John's will:

The documented children of John1 and Katherine2 Hamond are:

  1. John4, the Elder
    • birth: about 1521 in Scarning, Norfolk, England.
    • death: about 1560 in Flordon, Norfolk, England. Flordon (also seen as Floedon) is southwest of Norwich, the current capital of Norfolk.
    • married: unknown
    • children: assumed to be Robert485 and Alice35918.
    • documentation: his father's will
  2. Edmund5, of Trowse
    • birth: about 1522 in Scarning, Norfolk, England.
    • death: 1584 (probably in Trowse, a villiage 1.5 miles southeast of Norwich)
    • will: 1582
    • married: unknown
    • documentation: his father's will and his own will.
  3. Elizabeth45137
  4. Robert3, the Exor
  1. Nicholas7
    • birth: about 1533 in Scarning, Norfolk, England.
    • death: 1600 in Wendling, Norfolk, England, probably in April.
    • buried: April 13, 1600 in Wendling, Norfolk, England.
    • married: Margaret12, who was buried in Scarning December 25, 1590.
    • documentation: father's will, Norfolk burial register, and wife's burial register.
  2. Margaret8
    • birth: about 1539 in Scarning, Norfolk, England.
    • death: October 1612 in Wendling, Norfolk, England.
    • married: Robert13 Craske Iin Scarning on October 1, 1559.
    • children: Robert35922 II, Francis35925, Dorothy35921, Richard35919, John35924, Joan35923, & William35920.
    • documentation: father's will and marriage registry.
  3. Marion9 (aka; Maria)
    • birth: about 1542 in Scarning, Norfolk, England.
    • death: unknwon
    • married: Thomas14 Penton in Scarning on May 25, 1562.
    • children: Edmund35926 Edus Penton
    • documentation: father's will and marriage register.

There is another possible child in an individual named William6 who born in about 1523 in Scarning. He is not listed in John1 Hamond's will, which is significant. The only source for this possibility comes from researcher Stratton1244 Owen Hammon (1904-1997).

For the descendants of John1 and Katherine2 Hamond who were born in England and coverning the dates of 1500-1700

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