In Memory of Fallen Ham(m)on(d)(s)


Jeptha Hammond (1846-1864) - Fought in the Civil War as a member of the 14th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, USA.  Died from wounds he received during the battle on Kennesaw Mountain, GA.  Burial: National Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Hezekiah Hammond (1831-1864) - Fought in the Civil War as a member of the 14th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, USA. Died in Richmond, VA, in a POW Camp (of Bronchitis)Burial: 1864, Unmarked Grave, National Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


Captain Richard Powell Hammond (1820-1862) – Captain Company B, 25th Arkansas Infantry, CSA.  Died at the Battle of Murfreesboro in Tennessee.

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Killed in Action at the Battle of Murfreesboro. Excerpts from a letter dated June 18, 1897 by W. A. Garner to Mr. J. W. Thomas a descendant of Captain John Thomas, Company C, 25th Arkansas Infantry, C.S.A.

"The next day Jan'y 1st. 1863 not being able to procure a coffin or even a plank for a box of any kind, I and Yon Stanly and someone else of our Co. & John Lockey of Capt. Hammond's who afterwards lost an arm and now living in Grantlee procured an ambulance took your father and Capt. Hammond a short distance to the McCullough family graveyard & the boys, though all slightly wounded dug a deep wide grave in the S.E. corner of the graveyard, amidst the Walnut & Locust trees where in which place two as gallant Christian soldiers as ever led a charge or was ever wrapped in a soldier's blanket. I, not being able to walk, sat by a fire & carved with my knife each one's name on hard seasoned pieces of oak plank & placed them at their respective heads. 



Orville Ernest Hamon (1920-1945) – paratrooper 502nd PIR "B"Co. 101st Airborne.  Killed at the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium, January 5, 1945.  Body returned home and re-interred in G.A.R. Cemetery in Miami, Ottawa County, Oklahoma on June 17, 1949.

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Foster Stone Hammond (1913-1944) – PVT, US Army, died during training exorcise when the breach of a 155-mm Howitzer struck him causing multiple hemorrhages to his brain. Is buried at Grassy Memorial Cemetery, Lauderdale County, Alabama.


Malcolm Hugh Hammond (1916-1943) – PFC, US Army, MIA: died at sea. Memorial markers at North Africa American Cemetery & Memorial and Fort Mitchell National Cemetery.


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Clemmons Calvin Hammonds (1843-1865) – 11th Alabama Infantry, CSA.  Died of pneumonia in military prison in Nashville, Tennessee. There are two different stories as to why he was in the prison: (1) for a murder he did not commit, and (2) taken as a prisoner of war.


Thomas Francis Hammond (1831-1863) - Fought in the Civil War as a member of the 8th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, USA, Private, Company E.  Died of “consumption” (tuberculosis) in General Hospital 19, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.  Is buried at Cave Hill National Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky.



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